Robotic Welding & Robotic Plasma Cutting

Robotic Welding

Robotic welders are capable of performing several types of welding processes, including arc welding. We use a robotic welder where the weld required is repetitive and quality and speed are crucial.

Robotic welding is more accurate and precise than manual welding. Using robots improves weld repeatability.

The advantages of robot welding:

  • Faster welding cycle times
  • Continuous production
  • Higher quality product
  • Less wasted material
  • Consistent weld seam
  • Higher precision
  • Cost savings through speed, quality, and lower labour costs

Video shown at reduced speed for viewing purposes

Robotic Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is capable of cutting through metals producing a clean cut-out shape with minimal cleanup required. It can cut metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, mild steel and others up to 10mm thick.

Because no preheating is required, and cutting is performed at higher speeds than oxyfuel cutting, warping is minimised with smaller heat-affected zones.

Robotic plasma cutting offers the ability to follow irregular shapes and contours. Robotic plasma cutting has the ability to switch from a straight 90 degree cut angle to a bevel angle during the actual cutting process. Bevel cuts are sometimes preferred for subsequent welding operations.

The advantages of robotic plasma cutting:

  • High speed cutting
  • Smaller heat-affected zone
  • Cuts all metals including aluminum and stainless steel
  • Produces quality bevel cuts for welding
  • Follows part/shape contours
  • Minimal cleanup
  • Reduced part distortion
  • Cost savings through speed, quality, and lower labour costs
Robotic Welding